Cigar Box Guitars can be dated as far back as the civil war, solders would build them with whatever they had on hand, and play them like a fiddle by the campfires.

 During the depression in the 30's things got tight and people also made CBG's out of what they had, old brooms, hinges, nuts an bolts etc.

 I try to remain true to this tradition by using old tools and hardware that have been handed down to me from family and friends over the years, or where I can find them, tag sales, swap meats, flea markets and especially antique shops. However, that doesn't mean I don't use power tools and new hardware.

 The guitars I build not only look and play genuine, but are built solid to a high standard. Guitars are literally a work of art. We guarantee these guitars and will fix them free of charge if anything goes wrong under normal circumstances. Remember all cigar boxes are used and have character of there own which makes every box unique.

Custom Guitars Available Upon Request


All our Guitars are guaranteed to play with or without slide, with great action!

My Story


In the summer of 2017 I attended the annual Stafford Springs Blues Festival with Family and friends, for third time of it's four year existence. However this one would prove to be life changing.

 One of the vendors was a guy making and selling cigar box guitars.  As a former mediocre guitar player and carpenter the guitars peeked my interest. After a short but informative conversation with Josh the guitar builder about the wood and materials he used, he told me the festival was raffling off one of his guitars. I put every ticket I had in the raffle for that guitar, I didn't win. Then preceded to boast with everybody listening "I'll just make my own". And the rest is history. I love building and playing these guitars.

See and Hear the Difference


All our guitars are high quality handmade, just talk to my family and friends and they will tell you how crazy I am at doing things right and to near perfection. I use all high quality hardwoods, maple necks and oak fret boards. All guitars can be played with or without a slide, have an adjustable bridge to adjust intonation, and can be played acoustic or electric. These guitars are fun to play and easy to learn.  Play easy bar cords right away! Or just hang one up for some authentic Yankee wall art.

We're Building

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We are still learning and experimenting building this site,  you will see changes and updates often, so please check back soon to see the new stuff.


We never expected the response we've been getting, thanks to everyone who has shown interest in our products.